We take safety seriously


We are Greenstone Electrical

We take Safety seriously here at Greenstone Electrical

In addition to Greenstone Electricals safety policies, operating procedures and record keeping, Greenstone Electrical is a member of and utilizes the APPA Safety Manual:

Member of:

Greenstone Electrical Services retains additional services to remain in compliance with the following:

  • Self-Assessment tool to be used in a Risk analysis of current state of compliance and culture that exists at your company.
  • OSHA 300 Log Records Keepers training and audits
  • All OSHA required New Employee Training, defense driving, fire extinguishers, ladders, electrical safety and more
  • Safety Observation program
  • Safety Committee Training
  • DOT required Driver Qualification Files records keepers training and complete audit of files with written report and findings
  • First Line Supervisor/Crew Leadership Training

TEC Loss Control – No Loss Time 2015 and 2016 Recipient

Greenstone Electrical is also a member of and utilizes training and safety courses provided onsite by microgaming:

Member of:

Texas Electric Cooperatives

Bucket Rescue Training

Our Management Team also volunteers and supports locally with:

Texas Lineman Rodeo and Texas Round Table Utility Safety Team