Electrical Developer Services

Private Sector

Trusted and Reliable

Offering experience and knowledge in private utility infrastructure services

Greenstone’s division has the experience and knowledge to install all necessary underground utilities to include; boring, shoring, manholes and vaults. We have extensive experience and relationships working with providers of dry utilities to make sure we meet their technical standards, while fulfilling all federal, state, county and municipal code obligations.

Greenstone will make every effort to exceed your expectations for a quality full dry-utility service firm. We believe that “quality of service” will build a long term professional relationship.

Our project management team will ensure clear and timely communication, effectively managed project coordination and activities. Which means schedules are more likely to be maintained and financial budgets met throughout the life cycle of your project.

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Services Include

  • Commercial and Residential Electric Infrastructure overhead & underground utilities
  • Turn key electric and/or gas utility work
  • Commercial and Residential Gas Infrastructure utility installation
  • HDPE Pipe Fusion
  • Telecommunications
  • Street Lighting
  • Trenching and dirt work for utilities

Safety and Quality in Electrical Utility
Installation is our priority

Margo Williams
CEO/Business Development